kosttillskottWhey protein is a protein that naturally is squeezed out from the milk. Vassleproteinest belongs to one of the main proteins Act when it comes to quality due to its high biological values. The protein is taken up quickly and gives a good composition of the amino acids that are most important to the body’s muscles and tissues for the optimal muscle build-up.

Protein Structure


Proteins are macromolecules consisting of amino acids in long chains. One aminosyrans amine group is bound to the carboxy group of others with a peptide bond. Two bound amino acids is called a dipeptide. Three pieces named tripeptide and a chain of up to 50 amino acids are known as polypeptide, while the longer called proteins or polypeptide. Limit of 50 amino acids is fairly arbitrary, and because the insulin, which is usually considered the minimum protein, composed of 51 amino acids.

There are hundreds of different amino acids, but only 20 pieces appearing in the living cell’s proteins. This is connected with that protein structure determined by sequences of DNA in the genetic code specifies which amino acids to be used in the manufacture of proteins. tRNA is carried out in the Ribosomes attached to the endoplasmic reticulum “” (which is connected to the cell nucleus membranes), which “translation” from RNA to protein. The protein is localized in the following translation geléaktiga cytosolens.

That proteins can have as many diverse features are due to their complex and varied form. Most proteins are more or less round and called globular, while others, such as skin and bone collagen, fibrous and form long fibers. Article was made by min laserbehandling, thanks.

The Enzyme


The best-known role of proteins in cells is as enzymes, which catalyze chemical reactions. Enzymes are usually very specialized and hurries on only one or a few chemical reactions. Enzymes start most of the reactions involved in metabolism, and even as far as DNA processes such as DNA replication, DNA repair and transcription. Some enzymes Act on other proteins by adding, or removing, chemical groups in a process called posttranslationell modification. About 4,000 reactions known catalyzed by enzymes. The rate acceleration as the enzymes catalyzes is often enormous-up to 1017-fold the okatalyserade reaction of orotat decarboxylase (78 million years without the enzyme, 18 milliseconds with the enzyme). Read about ögonlaser behandling here!

Proteinpulver concentrate


traning-proteinpulverThe simplest form of whey protein is whey concentrate. It has a lower protein content of about 70 to 80%. Due to the simple production of the raw material in the dairies, it is much cheaper than whey protein isolate and Hydrolysate. Therefore it is considered dietary supplements providers in the manufacture of their products as the first choice. The nutrient ratio is slightly lower than in the isolate with a carbohydrate content of about 6 to 8% and a fat content of about 4 to 7%. Read more about laser hårborttagning.

Proteinpulver Isolate


Two different procedures are used in the production of whey protein isolate. Get your fitness equipment by atlas athlete. The ion exchange process, the whey proteins in the Ionenauscher are adsorbed and eluted, thus more salts contain the protein preparation. No salts are used in a production of whey protein isolate in the micro-filtration process. BTW: Do a truckutbildning. A particularly high purity can be achieved, with a protein content of about 90 to 96% and a low fat and lactose content of less than one percent. In addition, whey protein isolate because of its practical lactose free suitable for people with lactose intolerance is suitable.

Protein Hydrosolate


proteinThe hydrolysis process is applied in the production of whey protein Hydrolysate. Through the hydrolysis (breakdown) of protein chains into smallest fragments (peptides) that can be absorbed whey protein Hydrolysate faster from the body. Get your Elastic Shoelaces at Atlas Athlete. The higher the degree of hydrolysis, the high-quality and more expensive protein. As a disadvantage, the bitter taste is to name a few. Whey protein Hydrolysate is used mainly in amino acid tablets and capsules – therefore, where the bitter taste only a subordinate role. Whey protein Hydrolysate mixtures of various high-quality proteins (protein multi-component) are added in small amounts.

Protein quick facts


In addition to the Group of casein, whey proteins represent the second, important protein fraction of milk of mammals. Approx. 3.3% protein of cow’s milk consists here of approximately 2.7% casein and 0,6% whey protein. The designation of whey protein is derived from the fact that the proteins of this group are the main component of the protein in the whey.

Whey proteins are a group of Albumins and globulins. In detail, these are:

Alpha-Lactalbumin approx. 20% (0.1% of the milk)

beta-lactoglobulin approx. 45% (0.25% of the milk)

Immunoglobulins approx. 10%

Proteosepepton 20%

Serum albumin 5%

Whey proteins are sensitive to heat. During the cooking of milk, especially the beta-lactoglobulin for the skin on the surface is responsible. Whey proteins have also a high proportion of branched-chain amino acids, as about 20-25% of the most dietary proteins.[2] Whey proteins are classified as nutritionally high-quality (high biological value). They are therefore the main component of protein supplements to build muscle. Advertisement: Get your own truckkort!